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What Should You Know When A Divorce Involves Children?

What Should You Know When A Divorce Involves Children? Published:  2019-07-28 
Views:  376
Author:  Paris2696
Published In:  Divorce


Going through a divorce is really one of the most stressful things a family can go through. So it is important to be prepared and ready to have that first conversation about it. One of the best places to start is actually with some myth-busting. So yes divorces are stressful but they do not have to be traumatic or something that really, really changes your child. There are a lot of good things you can do to help make this happen. The biggest one Bar None is to actually decrease the kind of conflict between you and the separating spouse. So anytime you are going to talk to the kids it is important that you two have had a conversation ahead of time. I recognize divorce is really different how conflicted they are but if you are looking to make a commitment to your kids mental health and . . . .


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Divorce ~ A Womans Story

Divorce ~ A Womans Story Published:  2019-02-15 
Views:  2433
Author:  Cole7797
Published In:  Divorce


So no one gets married to get divorced, and I did. I got married to one of my best friends. I had known him for 12 years. We loved each other, and I felt good about marrying him. And it was OK for a while, but after several years and a couple kids and stresses of life and law school and jobs and debts, connecting got harder and harder. His goals got more and more different from mine. And in some ways I felt like I was just in this situation where I was trying to meet his needs and trying to meet his goals, and I just did not get fed emotionally or spiritually. I just felt really lonely. In this time, he also got addicted to prescription drugs, and it was pretty ugly for a while. And then finally, we got to a critical point . . . .


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A True Conversation Regarding The Reality Of Sexual Pleasure

A True Conversation Regarding The Reality Of Sexual Pleasure Published:  2019-01-06 
Views:  2639
Author:  Paris2696
Published In:  Sexuality


Today, I am going to be talking to you about sex. I am going to be talking about the clitoris, orgasm, oral sex. I thought I should throw a few of those words out there right now so that we can all get prepared for what is coming over the next 15 minutes. Sex is a taboo topic, one that people typically shy away from speaking to large groups about. Large groups that may even include their professors and family members. But I am here talking about it anyway, and that is because I have a problem with the way that we are currently thinking about sex. And that is the reality that straight women often have a very different experience with sex than straight men do, and that we live in a sexual world that revolves around the pleasure of the penis. In this speech, I am going . . . .


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Is Our Sexuality And Gender Identity Fixed?

Is Our Sexuality And Gender Identity Fixed? Published:  2018-10-23 
Views:  2968
Author:  Edmond7657
Published In:  Sexuality


I like to flirt. In fact, I may have been born to flirt, but, for me, flirting always leads to questions. So, heres a few for you. What do you think: Am I a man or a woman? And, given that, whom do you think I want to flirt with? And how do you think I want you to think of me: Heterosexual, homosexual, male, female? And do you need to know the answers to those questions in order for it to be OK for me to flirt with you? I mean, the real questions. OK. Well, me, I am not so crazy about claims on reality. What I had much rather do is tell you a story. Stephanie Arnold was my undergraduate theater professor. Smart, feminist, compassionate, she was the kind of teacher that made you genuinely want to try to impress her. And when . . . .


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What Are The Differences Between Islam And Christianity

What Are The Differences Between Islam And Christianity Published:  2020-03-01 
Views:  4730
Author:  Sherika3351
Published In:  Religion


Islam and Christianity are two of the worlds biggest religions their histories begin in exactly the same place starting in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve also Islam and Christianity along with Judaism are known as Abrahamic faiths meaning that they all believe that the biblical prophet abraham was one of the original fathers of having these faiths delivered to humanity However, there are several key differences between these two religions that I will be exploring in this episode Welcome to another episode of FTD facts. My name is Leroy, Kenton And yeah, we are exploring the world of religion again, and this time we are looking at the differences between Islam and Christianity So if you are either Christian or Muslim give this video a big thumbs up or if you just love learning in general also hit that Like button on this video and if . . . .


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