What Are The Differences Between Islam And Christianity

Published: 2020-03-01
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What Are The Differences Between Islam And Christianity

Islam and Christianity are two of the worlds biggest religions their histories begin in exactly the same place starting in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve also Islam and Christianity along with Judaism are known as Abrahamic faiths meaning that they all believe that the biblical prophet abraham was one of the original fathers of having these faiths delivered to humanity However, there are several key differences between these two religions that I will be exploring in this episode Welcome to another episode of FTD facts. My name is Leroy, Kenton And yeah, we are exploring the world of religion again, and this time we are looking at the differences between Islam and Christianity So if you are either Christian or Muslim give this video a big thumbs up or if you just love learning in general also hit that Like button on this video and if this is your first time here to FTD facts, you know what to do Hit that subscribe button and that Bell notification to be notified of future videos like this.

Okay, so let us begin We got a lot to talk about in this episode when we first look at Christianity Christianity consists of people who believe in the deity Jesus Christ Christians Generally speaking believe Christ is the son of God and walked on earth as an incarnate form of God the Father so in other words They believe that Jesus was God in the flesh Islam is made up of individuals who believe in the deity Allah Which is just the Arabic word for God They believe that Allah teachings were recorded word-for-word by Gods last prophet named Muhammad currently Islam is the second largest religion in the entire world after Christianity and based on the latest Estimates the current global population of Christianity sits at 2.3 billion followers, which is 31% of the total Population of the world it is not follows behind at 1.8 billion followers Which works out to be approximately 24% of the entire global population So as you can see these two religions Of course have played a huge role in shaping what we know to be Human history because look at this This is half of the population here fall in between these two religions Now when we look at when these two religions were formed as organized religions Islam takes us back to 610 to 622 CE II Christianity on the other hand was established as an organized religion in 28 to 33 C II which was centuries Before Islam so we hear the terms Christian Christianity and all of that.

So what does Christian actually mean if someone calls himself a Christian? What are they saying? Well Christian simply means a believer in Christianity which is someone that follows the teachings of Christ very simple. Now Islam means submission to the will of God and those who Submit to the will of God are called Muslims when it comes to the place of worship where do Christians go to worship? Well, of course, we know of churches. Theres also chapels cathedrals Basilicas as well as Christians are allowed to worship in homes and any other living spaces Muslims worship at mosques aka Masjid and any other place considered cleaned by Islamic standards? So it is pretty open. Theres not necessarily a specific place that you have to go to worship both These religions are pretty open one of the main differences between these religions is the doctrine of the Trinity the Trinity or the Godhead is one of the core beliefs of Christianity And it states that there is one God who has three manifestations the Father the Son as well as the Holy Spirit and I kind of like to use this example it is not really the best but you got to think of it like a Corporation who has three founders and all the three founders have different roles But under the same umbrella corporation, so in this case would be like God corporation and then we have Father Son Holy Spirit, which is kind of equally Oh God that is kind of how I try to wrap my brain around it and hopefully that made sense for you, but Muslims, however Believe that they are the ones that practice true monotheism which means that they do not accept the doctrine of the Trinity because How can three be one and the core belief of Islam is that there is no God worthy of worship But Allah and it is a simple concept.

Theres just Allah, that is it When it comes to the differences between the scriptures in Christianity and Islam The holy book in Christianity of course is the Bible and it is said to be the inspired Word of God this means different things to different people but pretty much it means that Christians believe that the books of the Bible are written by many people over a span of 1500 years and those people were guided by the Spirit of God through divine inspiration And these writings came through various different forms, you know in the Bible, there is songs. Theres poetrys there is stories Theres genealogies and in these writings we see personal expressions of human beings working side-by-side with God now when we look at the holy book of Islam the Quran it is said to be the Word of God and it was Dictated to Muhammad and it was written down word-for-word without any sort of personal expression or any other Human Ness if you will add it to the writings the most true reading of the Quran has to be in its original Arabic language because translating it into other languages can also take away from the interpretation of the Quran so that is where a lot of times we get a little bit of Confusing when it comes to the scriptures of the Quran people are like no but in the original Arabic it means this But if you translate it in English or another language Theres not necessarily a direct translation.

So some of the context may be lost So that is what they say If you want to get the most out of reading the Quran Learn some Arabic or at least find somebody that knows Arabic and is very verse in the Quran to help you out so yeah, we have discussed quite a bit so far, but before I continue in this episode You definitely have to check out our playlist about Islam and I have links to that in the card section of this episode as well as below in the video description and I will also have it at the end of this episode but in it we have Videos just dedicated to the religion of Islam where we go into more of the history As well as impact that Islam has on the world because obviously I cannot cover everything in this episode But you definitely check those ones out and as a bonus, we do have a playlist on religions in general So I will link to that one as well.

Theres a lot of learning that you can do here in FTD FAQs Weve done a law of videos about religion and culture here on FTD facts So for your free to check those out after this episode, okay? So the next difference I am looking at is the difference in the profits so in the Quran the Prophet Abraham Was known as the beloved servant of God and because of Abrahams devotion to God God made many of Abrahams descendants Profits now the story of the Prophet Abraham being commanded to sacrifice his own son Isaac is known in both Christianity and his slump in Islam that son however who God told Abraham to sacrifice Is Ishmael and it was through his lineage that Islam was established through the Prophet Muhammad in? Christianity the son that Abraham was told to sacrifice was his son I said and through the line of Isaac Comes many prophets like Jacob Joseph Moses David King Solomon And of course Jesus Christ now I want to talk a little bit more about the differences in the beliefs of Jesus Christ in both of their religions in Islam Muslims accept that Jesus of Nazareth did in fact exist and that he was born of the Virgin Mary But it is Lomb also believes that Jesus was simply another prophet equal to other prophets before him Muslims believe that Muhammad is a final messenger and is superior to all other previous prophets that came before him in the Christian faith They believe that Jesus is the Son of God Which makes him equal to God and before he came to earth as a man He was accepted as the second person of the Trinity and another title that Jesus is given in Christianity before he came to live on the earth as a man is the Word of God and then the Word of God Came down to live on earth in human Flesh Islam does not believe in the idea that Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross They believe that God spared him from that in the Christian faith God sacrificing his son Jesus on the cross is actually the focal point of the faith because without that the world would remain Hopeless just doomed humanity done.

So that leads me to the next difference. I want to highlight What are the differences between the ideas of salvation in both of these religions? Well islam teaches that salvation is based on working to achieve it So how it works is like this a Muslim must keep the five pillars of Islam They have to confess a Shahada, which is that there is no god But Allah as well as Muhammad is His Prophet and generally speaking when Muslims pray they are to pray towards Mecca Five times a day. They must also fast during the daylight hours of the month of Ramadan Theyre also required to give money to the poor Help out people who are in need and make a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in their life Islam teaches that the day of judgement will involve peoples good deeds and bad deeds being weighed Side-by-side to see okay did the good deeds outweigh. The bad deeds christianity has a much different concept of Salvation and it teaches that a person is saved by the gift of God Which is through accepting the death of Jesus Christ through faith in Him So therefore you are no longer required to do a bunch of different good works to be Accepted by God and be saved or rather.

Youre just saved through faith in Jesus and because you are saved you just naturally want to now do good works because yeah who does not want to help out their fellow man and Just be a good person in general Were coming down to the end of this Episode and there is a couple things that I want to take a look at first of all is the clergy the different clergy and the two religions Islam has Imams and they are the ones that lead the Congregational prayers in the mosques. They also have shakes maulana mullahs and Muftis in their religion in christianity their priests bishops ministers monks as well as nuns as seen as official clergy and what are some of the holy days that these religions recognize Christianity recognizes probably the biggest celebration in the world Christmas which celebrates the birth of Jesus Theres also Good Friday which celebrates the death of Jesus and depending on which denomination of Christianity you fall into Sunday or Saturday is viewed as the day of rest or the Sabbath another holy day for Christians is Easter which celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ and for Catholic Christians They celebrate Lent which is the season of 40 days But it does not count Sundays and this begins on a day called Ash Wednesday and on Holy Saturday And Catholic Christians also celebrate different st Feast days Islam of course has your finisher of celebrations? But officially not as much as Christianity there is a month of Ramadan which is a month of fasting Theres Eid al-adha, which is the Feast of the sacrifice and eat alpha tier Which is a festival at the end of Ramadan now, I have gotten to the final difference that I want to explore in this episode so similar to Judaism Islam tends to have stricter guidelines or rules than Christianity now in modern Christianity most of the hardline rules of the Old Testament are more so related to Judaism now and many of the rules found in the New Testament are Sort of not as harsh as the Old Testament for example, most Christians freely eat Whatever they choose including pork and foods that are not blessed by religious leaders But this is something that Muslims and Jews do under the halal and kosher diet rules So a lot of the ancient traditions related to their dietary laws as well as living laws still remain alive today So that concludes this episode on the differences between Islam and Christianity Now this video was presented in the most general sense possible I know that Christianity and Islam has various different schools of thought and different denominations and all of that which may have completely different views to anything I just shared in this episode, but for the most part this is a general views and general differences between Islam and Christianity So if you have any thoughts or comments about what I shared in this episode, feel free to leave them down below I love the discussions that we have here on FTD facts Because not only do I get to learn but we all get to learn together as a community You can follow me on social media as well.

Those links are below in this video description So shoot me a message and I will do my best to reply to you as soon as possible until the next episode Stay awesome. Stay educated and you know one love, my name is Leroy Kenton, and I will see you soon Okay now for all you people that made it to this end screen heres that playlist on Islam as well as that playlist on religion In general that I spoke about so do not forget to come back here to FTD FAQs every single week for more Interesting topics about your favorite subjects.

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